The Lost Woods (Battle Quest)

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This article is about the level in Battle Quest. For other Lost Woods locations in the Zelda series, see Lost Woods.
The Lost Woods




Red ChuChu
Green Club Moblin
Moblin Archer
White Shield Moblin



The Lost Woods is the second level featured in Battle Quest.

This level is a dark foresty area, filled with a variety of Moblin enemies as well as a few Red ChuChu. The Lost Woods serves as a slight progression in difficult from the first level of the game, The Grasslands. While there are several Green Club Moblins, White Shield Moblins start to become more abundant, requiring Link to use precision sword attacks, rather than swipe randomly.

Additionally, there is a Big Moblin who serves as the boss of The Lost Woods. This giant creature wields a massive sword and shield. Link will need to use his shield to block the sword attacks from the Moblin and then counter with attacks of his own while the Moblin is vulnerable. The Moblin will perform a forehand swipe with his sword and will occasionally follow it up with a backhand slash, so Link needs to stay on his toes. After defeating the boss, Link will gain the Triforce.