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Super Mario Bros. is a video game series created by Nintendo. Throughout the many The Legend of Zelda games, there have been many references to the Super Mario Bros. series in the form of Easter Eggs, and more direct cameos.


A Link To The Past


The Chain Chomp enemy is a direct reference to the enemy of the same name seen in various Super Mario Bros. games. Only two Chain Chomps are seen in A Link to the Past, both being in the same room in Turtle Rock. Hokkubokkus can also be interpreted as a cameo of Super Mario's Pokey, often found in desert levels.

Link's Awakening


Many of the enemies in Link's Awakening share close similarities to those from the Super Mario Bros. series. These include Piranha Plant, Bloober, Cheep-Cheep, Goomba, and many more. These enemies are typically found in the Underworld section of the game.

In Mabe Village, Madam MeowMeow owns three pet Chain Chomps, BowWow, ChowChow and CiaoCiao; who she adores very much. The aforementioned BowWow is a part of the main plot, as he must be rescued from the Moblin Cave. BowWow then helps Link to enter the Bottle Grotto dungeon.

Mr. Write shows Link a photograph of a woman named Christine, whom he has been speaking to, who looks identical to Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. series.

Ocarina of Time

Paintings seen in Castle Courtyard

Ocarina of Time features multiple easter eggs focusing on Super Mario 64. Before or after talking to Zelda in the Castle Courtyard, if Link looks through one of the windows, paintings of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and Bowser can be seen. In the 3D version, the paintings are replaced with a level, complete with pipes and blocks.

Malon, the ranch girl, and her father Talon can be seen wearing necklaces, where on the medal Bowser's face can be seen.

Talon and Ingo, of Lon Lon Ranch, share close similarities to Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. series.

Majora's Mask


The Happy Mask Salesman is carrying a large bag full of Masks, some of which are attached to the outside. One of these masks is that of Mario himself, hidden away where the player would not think to look. This mask cannot be obtained in the game; for it is purely an Easter Egg.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Bob-omb

The enemy Bob-omb can be seen in the Cave of Flames, which will start running around frantically once Link slashes at one with his sword. This enemy is a direct cameo to the enemy of the same name from games such as Super Mario 64.

Twilight Princess

The character Fyer, found in Lake Hylia who runs a cannon repair shop, has an image of a Bullet Bill on his right sleeve.