Realm of Memories

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The Realm of Memories is a stage featured in Four Swords Anniversary Edition. It is unlocked after completing Vaati's Palace. The realm has three levels, each of which is a recreation of an area from three of the first four games in The Legend of Zelda series:

Background/scenery graphics for each are taken from the original games (with a dull green "Game Boy" palette for Link's Awakening). Character, item and enemy sprites still mostly use the basic Four Swords graphics, but recoloured to more closely resemble the area they are in. Rupees and the individual Links still retain basic colour within the Link's Awakening area to make them easily identifiable.

Levels are not, however, perfect recreations of the original games in layout - for instance, the entrance to Bottle Grotto is entirely absent within Goponga Swamp.

Completing the Realm of Memories grants the Links the Master Sword, which fires Sword Beams when they are at full health.