Hylian Sword

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Hylian Sword
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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 片手剣 (Sword)
ホワイトソード (White Sword)
マジカルソード (Magical Sword)

The Hylian Sword is one of Link's weapons in Hyrule Warriors. Link starts with a Knight's Sword at the beginning of the game. The sword is like the later-achieved Master Sword, but it is less powerful. The spin attack (activated by holding and the strong attack button and then releasing it) is also weaker. One of the most-notable differences, though, is the shield. The shield has blue stripes on one side and a sort of spiral design. The second tier is the White Sword, earned after unlocking Fi. It is the very same White Sword from The Legend of Zelda.

"A sword-and-shield combo modified for use by left-handed warriors. Charge energy by holding down the Strong Attack button, and then release for a powerful Spin Attack!"

— In-Game Description

Knight's Sword

Hylian Sword.png

Automatically unlocked, present when you first play as Link.

  • Base attack: 80
  • Per star: 8

White Sword

White Sword.png

Unlocked in Legend Mode from a Sealed Weapon found in Sealed Grounds.

  • Base attack: 150
  • Per star: 15

Magical Sword

Magical Sword.png

Unlocked in Adventure Mode by completing the challenge at grid F2? with an "A" rank as Link after using a Power Bracelet on the tombstone in the middle row, second from right.

  • Base attack: 280
  • Per star: 28

8-Bit Wooden Sword

8-Bit Wooden Sword.png

Unlocked in Legend Mode after completing Shining Beacon scenario in Valley of Seers. It was added to the game as part of a free update (v1.2.0).

  • Base attack: 280
  • Per star: 28