Temple of Souls

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Temple of Souls

Temple of Souls is a stage in Hyrule Warriors.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 精神の宮殿 (Palace of Spirit)


Note: Default names may be overwritten by Bases, and not all keeps are in use as such in every Scenario of the map.
Temple of Souls - HW Keep Map.png
  1. Northwest Keep / NW Magic Keep
  2. West Keep / West Magic Keep
  3. Southwest Keep / SW Magic Keep
  4. Northeast Keep / NE Magic Keep
  5. East Keep / East Magic Keep
  6. Southeast Keep / SE Magic Keep
  7. Central Chamber
  8. West Garden
  9. South Garden
  10. East Garden


Legend Mode

Wind Waker