Ganon's Tower (Hyrule Warriors)

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Ganon's Tower
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Ganon's Tower is the final stage in Hyrule Warriors. It is a lava-blasted version of the Hyrule Field stage, littered with giant swords, said to be "transformed in [Ganondorf's] own image".


Note: Default names may be overwritten by Bases, and not all keeps are in use as such in every Scenario of the map.
Hyrule Field and Ganon Tower - HW Keep Map.png
  1. Castle Keep[keeps 1]
  2. Abandoned Fort
  3. W. Rockface Keep
  4. Central Keep
  5. West Field Keep
  6. North Field Keep
  7. East Field Keep
  8. South Field Keep
  9. Mountain Keep
  10. Fairy Fountain


Legend Mode

Grand Finale
Linkle's Tale