Skyloft (Hyrule Warriors)

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Skyloft is a stage in Hyrule Warriors. Like its appearance in Skyward Sword, Skyloft is an island in the Sky created by the Goddess that is the base of life for the Skyloftians. A large statue mimicking the Goddess along with colorful buildings can be found on the island. Being the great sky spirit, Levias lives in the Sky, watching over Skyloft and its surrounding islands. The Pumpkin Landing, known for the pumpkin-shaped restaurant and its pumpkin soup, can also be found in the Sky, but has collided with Skyloft for an unknown reason in this stage.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 スカイロフト (Skyloft)
France Française Célesbourg (Skyloft)
Spain Español Altárea (Skyloft)
Germany Deutsch Wolkenhort (Cloudhoard)
Italy Italiana Oltrenuvola (Overcloud)


Note: Default names may be overwritten by Bases, and not all keeps are in use as such in every Scenario of the map.
Skyloft - HW Keep Map.png
  1. South Point Keep
  2. Town Center Keep
  3. Statue Keep
  4. Academy Keep
  5. West Town Keep
  6. Central Square
  7. S. Rockface Keep
  8. N. Rockface Keep
  9. Fairy Fountain
  10. Northmost Keep


Legend Mode

Skyward Sword
Cia's Tale