Twilight Field

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Twilight Field

Twilight Field is a stage in Hyrule Warriors. Like Death Mountain and Skyloft, Twilight Field is dragged from the world of Twilight Princess into Hyrule Warriors by Cia. While it is not all of the Twilight-covered Hyrule, most of the Eldin Province makes up Twilight Field. Above the valley to the north of the field is the Bridge of Eldin where a battle with King Bulblin was fought. Along with the bridge, Kakariko Village, a village the people lived at in the Eldin Province, can be found to the south. As a result of Hyrule being covered in Twilight, barriers throughout the stage block the way to areas in Twilight Field.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 黄昏の大地 (Land of Twilight)
France Française Terres du Crépuscule (Land of Twilight)
Spain Español Llanura del Crepúsculo (Plain of Twilight)
Germany Deutsch Schattenebene (Shadow Plain)
Italy Italiana Piana del Crepuscolo (Plain of Twilight)


Note: Default names may be overwritten by Bases, and not all keeps are in use as such in every Scenario of the map.
Twilight Field - HW Keep Map.png
  1. South Field Keep
  2. Rocky Square
  3. Village Keep
  4. Outskirts Keep
  5. Central Keep
  6. West Field Keep
  7. East Field Keep
  8. North Field Keep
  9. Sorceress's Keep
  10. Bridge Keep


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