Death Mountain (Hyrule Warriors)

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Death Mountain
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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 デスマウンテン (Death Mountain)

Death Mountain is a stage in Hyrule Warriors.


  • Allied Base
  • W. Mountain Keep
  • E. Mountain Keep
  • West Keep
  • East Keep
  • W. Boulder Keep
  • E. Boulder Keep
  • West Goron Keep
  • East Goron Keep
  • Chief's Room

Scenario: Land of Myth

Victory Conditions
Defeat Darunia.
Defeat Conditions
Sheik/Impa? flees or the Allied Base falls.
  • Capture W. Boulder Keep and E. Boulder Keep!
  • Defeat Darunia!
  • Defend W. Boulder Keep until Sheik arrives!
  • Defeat Darunia!

Heart Container

  • Playing as Sheik, southeast of the E. Boulder Keep there is boulder right before the ledge. Blast it away with a bomb and open the treasure chest to get a heart container.

Piece of Heart

  • Playing as Impa, take control of the East Goron Keep keep located at the northeast part of Death Mountain. A treasure chest will appear containing the piece of heart.

Gold Skulltulas

  • After defeating 1,000 enemies, the Gold Skulltula will appear just northwest of the W. Boulder keep. Use the Hookshot to grapple up to the higher ledge to find the Skulltula.
  • After completing Legend Mode the first time, a second Skulltula becomes available. This requires it to be in Hard Mode and played with Sheik. Defeat Darunia two or more times and open the gate of the Enemy Base after defeating at least 1,500 foes. (Defeating Darunia and the 1,500 enemies must happen before the assault on Chief's Room happens.) The Skulltula is found in the room just south of the Chief's Room after you send a boulder back at the Gorons.