Hyrule Warriors Stages

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This is a list of stages found in Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Field

Hyrule Warriors Stage Hyrule Field.jpg
Main article: Hyrule Field (Hyrule Warriors)

Eldin Caves

Hyrule Warriors Stage Eldin Caves.jpg
Main article: Eldin Caves

Faron Woods

Hyrule Warriors Stage Faron Woods.jpg
Main article: Faron Woods (Hyrule Warriors)

Valley of Seers

Hyrule Warriors Stage Valley of Seers.jpg
Main article: Valley of Seers

Death Mountain

Hyrule Warriors Stage Death Mountain.jpg
Main article: Death Mountain (Hyrule Warriors)

Lake Hylia

Hyrule Warriors Stage Lake Hylia.jpg
Main article: Lake Hylia (Hyrule Warriors)

Twilight Field

Hyrule Warriors Stage Twilight Field.jpg
Main article: Twilight Field

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Warriors Stage Palace of Twilight.jpg
Main article: Palace of Twilight (Hyrule Warriors)


Hyrule Warriors Stage Skyloft.jpg
Main article: Skyloft (Hyrule Warriors)

Sealed Grounds

Hyrule Warriors Stage Sealed Grounds.jpg
Main article: Sealed Grounds (Hyrule Warriors)

Temple of the Sacred Sword

Hyrule Warriors Stage Temple of the Sacred Sword.jpg
Main article: Temple of the Sacred Sword

Temple of Souls

Hyrule Warriors Stage Temple of Souls.jpg
Main article: Temple of Souls

Gerudo Desert

Hyrule Warriors Stage Gerudo Desert.jpg
Main article: Gerudo Desert (Hyrule Warriors)

Ganon's Tower

Ganon Tower - HW.jpg
Main article: Ganon's Tower (Hyrule Warriors)

Forsaken Fortress (Legends / Definitive Ed. only)

Forsaken Fortress - HWDE.jpg
Main article: Forsaken Fortress (Hyrule Warriors)

Wind and Earth Temples (Legends / Definitive Ed. only)

Wind and Earth Temples - HWDE.jpg
Main article: Wind and Earth Temples