The Other Hero

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
The Other Hero
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Her True Self (Linkle's Tale)
Liberation of the Triforce (Grand Finale)


A New Disturbance (Wind Waker)



Linkle (initial)
Impa (available during scenario)

Recommended Element

Hyrule Warriors Element Fire.png Fire

The Other Hero is the last stage of the Linkle's Tale arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. It takes place in the aftermath of Liberation of the Triforce, while Link and Zelda are returning the Master Sword to the Temple of the Sacred Sword. Linkle finally arrives at her destination, and helps Impa and the remaining Hyrulean army to quell a final rebellion by the remnants of Ganondorf's army.


"The dark beast Ganon had been defeated by Link and his allies. Hyrule Castle was free from the clutches of the powerful darkness.
Together, Zelda and Link set out for the Temple of the Sacred Sword. There they would seal away a fragment of the evil spirit.
This, surely, would bring peace back to the land.
Or so they believed. But no sooner had Link and Zelda departed when a new horde of monsters approached Hyrule Castle.
Ganondorf had fallen, and the monsters were left without a leader. But still, they showed no hesitation in attacking innocent Hyruleans.
Without Link or Zelda, or the allies who had come to their aid from other worlds, Hyrule Castle was left quite defenseless.
In order to protect the people of the land, Impa gathered together battle-weary soldiers whose wounds had not even begun to heal.
This, then, would be their sacrifice for Hyrule. They fought as valiantly as they could.
At that moment, a girl approached the battlefield.
Linkle's journey had been plagued by false starts from the moment she left her village. But she had finally arrived at Hyrule Castle.
She witnessed the brave soldiers struggling to defeat the attacking monsters. Their courage kindled her spirit, and Linkle knew that the time had come to fulfill her destiny.
She gripped tightly the compass hanging around her neck and readied herself to save Hyrule. Without another thought, Linkle leapt into the fray amid the hordes of screeching monsters.

— The Other Hero loading screen narrative, Hyrule Warriors definitive ed. (Nintendo Switch)


Victory Conditions
Defeat all enemies.
Defeat Conditions
The Castle Keep falls.
  • Defeat the monsters attacking the Hylian Captains
  • Defeat the monsters advancing on Hyrule Castle
  • Capture the North Field and Mountain Keeps
  • Defeat the powerful monsters
  • Defeat the horde of monsters
  • Defeat King Dodongo


Heart Container

  • Playing as Impa bomb the boulder northwest of W. Rockface Keep

Piece of Heart

  • Playing as Linkle, capture West Field Keep

Gold Skulltulas

  • Easy mode. Playing as anyone, defeat 1,000 enemies. Gold Skulltula appears on the outside north wall of the corridor east of Castle Keep
  • Hard mode. Playing as Linkle, rescue all Hylian Captains. Gold Skulltula appears in the dead end north of the East Field Keep