Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode Scenarios

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The Armies of Ruin

HW Prologue-1 - The Armies of Ruin.jpg
Main article: The Armies of Ruin

When a prophetic nightmare for Princess Zelda leads her and General Impa to look for the Hero, a mysterious attack on Hyrule Castle throws up a candidate when a trainee named Link leads the fightback.

The Sheikah Tribesman

HW Prologue-2 - The Sheikah Tribesman.jpg
Main article: The Sheikah Tribesman

With Zelda missing in the wake of the attack, and Hyrule Castle fallen, it falls to Impa to lead the way through the Eldin Caves in search of the missing Princess.

The Sorceress of the Woods

HW Prologue-3 - The Sorceress of the Woods.jpg
Main article: The Sorceress of the Woods

Having been helped through the Caves by the mysterious Sheik; Link and Impa find the woman leading the resistance in Faron Woods is not Zelda, but a young sorceress named Lana. Disappointed, they nonetheless join her in defending the woods against the Bulblin forces lead by Wizzro.

The Sorceress of the Valley

HW Prologue-4 - The Sorceress of the Valley.jpg
Main article: The Sorceress of the Valley

Now joined by Lana - who admits to a kinship with Cia, the sorceress behind the conquest of Hyrule - the heroes head to the Valley of Seers, aiming to close the Gate of Souls and stem Cia's reinforcements.

With Cia in possession of the full Triforce, and Gates of Souls opened to three time periods by her power, the heroes split into three parties to try and close the holes in time.

Ocarina of Time

Land of Myth

HW Ocarina of Time-1 - The Land of Myth.jpg
Main article: Land of Myth

Impa, Sheik and a group of Hyrulean Soldiers stepped through into what Impa realised was the Era of the Hero of Time. Impa's distrust of Sheik, who she did not recognise despite claiming to be a part of her Sheikah tribe, had to be tabled when a fairy gave them alarming news. Zelda had apparently driven the Goron Chief Darunia mad, and he had kidnapped the Zora Princess Ruto in his madness. They rush to save Ruto and find what was happening.

The Water Temple

HW Ocarina of Time-2 - The Water Temple.jpg
Main article: The Water Temple

Twilight Princess

Land of Twilight

HW Twilight Princess-1 - Land of Twilight.jpg
Main article: Land of Twilight

The Shadow King

HW Twilight Princess-2 - The Shadow King.jpg
Main article: The Shadow King

Skyward Sword

Land in the Sky

HW Skyward Sword-1 - Land in the Sky.jpg
Main article: Land in the Sky
  • Stage: Skyloft
  • Playable Warriors: Link
  • Warriors unlocked (Wii U/Legends): Fi

Sealed Ambition

HW Skyward Sword-2 - Sealed Ambition.png
Main article: Sealed Ambition


  • Warriors unlocked (Wii U/Legends): Zelda w/Rapier (Unlocked by completing all three branching paths above)

The Sacred Sword

HW Epilogue-1 - The Sacred Sword.png
Main article: The Sacred Sword

A War of Spirit

HW Epilogue-2 - A War of Spirit.png
Main article: A War of Spirit

Shining Beacon

HW Epilogue-3 - Shining Beacon.png
Main article: Shining Beacon


Ganondorf's Return

HW Ganondorf-1 - Ganondorf's Return.jpg
Main article: Ganondorf's Return

March of the Demon King

HW Ganondorf-2 - March of the Demon King.jpg
Main article: March of the Demon King

Battle of the Triforce

HW Ganondorf-3 - Battle of the Triforce.jpg
Main article: Battle of the Triforce

Grand Finale

Enduring Resolve

HW Grand Finale-1 - Enduring Resolve.jpg
Main article: Enduring Resolve

Liberation of the Triforce

HW Grand Finale-2 - Liberation of the Triforce.jpg
Main article: Liberation of the Triforce

Cia's Tale (DLC/Legends/Definitive Ed.)

In Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, Cia's Tale was only available through the purchase of the Master Quest DLC pack, or the Hero of Hyrule Season Pass which included that pack. It is included in the base games of both Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

The Dragon of the Caves

HW Cia's Tale-1 - The Dragon of the Caves.jpg
Main article: The Dragon of the Caves

The Invasion Begins

HW Cia's Tale-2 - The Invasion Begins.jpg
Main article: The Invasion Begins

The Usurper King

HW Cia's Tale-3 - The Usurper King.jpg
Main article: The Usurper King

The Demon Lord

HW Cia's Tale-4 - The Demon Lord.jpg
Main article: The Demon Lord

Darkness Falls

HW Cia's Tale-5 - Darkness Falls.jpg
Main article: Darkness Falls

Linkle's Tale (Legends/Definitive Ed.)

The Girl in the Green Tunic

HW Linkle's Tale-1 - The Girl in the Green Tunic.jpg
Main article: The Girl in the Green Tunic

Powers Collide

HW Linkle's Tale-2 - Powers Collide.jpg
Main article: Powers Collide

The Demon Lord's Plan

HW Linkle's Tale-3 - The Demon Lord's Plan.jpg
Main article: The Demon Lord's Plan

Her True Self

HW Linkle's Tale-4 - Her True Self.jpg
Main article: Her True Self

The Other Hero

HW Linkle's Tale-5 - The Other Hero.jpg
Main article: The Other Hero

Wind Waker (Legends/Definitive Ed.)

A New Disturbance

HW Wind Waker-1 - A New Disturbance.jpg
Main article: A New Disturbance

The Search for Cia

HW Wind Waker-2 - The Search for Cia.jpg
Main article: The Search for Cia

Reclaiming the Darkness

HW Wind Waker-3 - Reclaiming the Darkness.jpg
Main article: Reclaiming the Darkness

Watchers of the Triforce

HW Wind Waker-4 - Watchers of the Triforce.jpg
Main article: Watchers of the Triforce