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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
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The Rapier is one of Zelda's weapons in Hyrule Warriors. Zelda starts with a Polished Rapier when she is unlocked after completing The Water Temple, The Shadow King and Sealed Ambition in Legend Mode in the Wii U game and Hyrule Warriors Legends; or after completing The Armies of Ruin, the first Legend Mode scenario, in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

"A sword forged with magical light, making it light as a feather. Use the Strong Attack button to gather the power of light, and strike with more devastating strength when using a Combo Attack!"

— In-Game Description

Polished Rapier

  • Base attack: 80
  • Per star: 8

Glittering Rapier

Unlocked in Legend Mode from a Sealed Weapon found in a chest that appears after capturing S. Temple Hall in The Sacred Sword.

  • Base attack: 150
  • Per star: 15

Gleaming Rapier

Unlocked in Adventure Mode by completing the challenge at grid H9? with an "A" rank as Zelda with the Rapier after using an Ice Arrow on the ring of fire.

  • Base attack: 280
  • Per star: 28

8-Bit White Sword?

Part of the Master Quest Pack, unlocked in the Master Quest map of Adventure Mode by completing the challenge at grid G10? with an "A" rank after using a Bomb on the north wall across the river, fifth space from the left.

  • Base attack: 280
  • Per star: 28


  • In some stages on the Twilight Princess map, characters such as Sheik can be found wielding Zelda's rapier instead of their own weapon. It is likely intentional, but any other phenomenon similar to this appears to only happen with the 8-Bit weapons. This does not occur in Hyrule Warriors Legends.