March of the Demon King

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
March of the Demon King

March of the Demon King is the second scenario in the Ganondorf set of the Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode.


"With terrifying speed, the reborn Ganondorf raised his army and fortified his position in Gerudo Desert.
More powerful than ever, he moved to take the scattered pieces of the Triforce.

His first target was the Triforce of Power, still in Lana's possession.
Ganondorf had wielded it long ago and claimed it as his right.
Regaining it would give him the might to seize the other two pieces.
With this thought, Ganondorf led a massive army to the Valley of Seers.

Knowing she could never defeat him, Lana fled the valley even as the Hyrulean army rushed to her aid.
But Ganondorf outmaneuvered her and cut off her retreat, attacking fiercely to retake the Triforce of Power.

— March of the Demon King loading screen narrative, Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)


Victory Conditions
Defeat Lana. →? Defeat both Lanas.
Defeat Conditions
The Allied Base falls. →? A Lana escapes.
  • Capture the two remaining sanctums!
  • Defeat the real Impa!
  • Defeat Lana!
  • Defeat the two Lanas before they escape!


Heart Container

  • Playing as Ganondorf, after defeating Lana on top of the ruins, the Fairy Fountain will open. The Heart Container is in a chest inside. (You do not have to capture the keep.)

Piece of Heart

  • Playing as Ganondorf, take control of the Western Room, located near the northwest part of the map. A treasure chest will appear containing the Piece of Heart.

Gold Skulltulas

  • After defeating 1,000 enemies, the Gold Skulltula will appear near the northeast part of the map. Blow up the boulder with a Bomb to reveal the Skulltula.
  • After completing Legend Mode the first time, a second Skulltula becomes available. This requires it to be in Hard Mode and played with Ganondorf. Defeat all Impas and the Skulltula appears north of Eastern Room.