Battle of the Triforce

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Battle of the Triforce

Battle of the Triforce is the third scenario in the Ganondorf set of the Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode.


"Ganondorf's forces defeated the Hyrulean army and wrenched the Triforce of Power from Lana's grasp.
Yet, the other two pieces remained with Link and Zelda in Hyrule Castle.
If Ganondorf could take the castle and complete the Triforce, Hyrule would be at his mercy.
He readied his army for a siege.

Meanwhile, Zelda's forces stood ready to defend their home at all costs.
Link stood at the head of the army, the shining Triforce of Courage inspiring his troops.
This battle would decide Hyrule's fate.
Would the light endure...or would darkness spread to every corner of the land?
The next moments would decide.

— Battle of the Triforce loading screen narrative, Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)


Victory Conditions
Defeat Link and Zelda!
Defeat Conditions
The Allied Base falls.
  • Help Zant open the Rockface Checkpoint!
  • Stop Impa's plan!

Heart Container

  • Playing as Ganondorf, at the western edge of the map, north of Castle Keep, bomb the boulder to reveal the chest containing the heart container.

Piece of Heart

  • Playing as Ganondorf, take control of the Abandoned Fort, located at the west part of the map. A treasure chest will appear containing the Piece of Heart.

Gold Skulltulas

  • After defeating 1,000 enemies, the Gold Skulltula will appear near the east part of the map, just outside of the East Field Keep. It can be found under a boulder just to the west of the keep.
  • After completing the Legend Mode the first time, a second Skulltula becomes available. This requires it to be in Hard Mode and played with Ganondorf. Defeat Link and Zelda a combined total of four times. The Skulltula appears on the back wall of North Keep.