Enduring Resolve

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Enduring Resolve
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Recommended Element

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Enduring Resolve is the first of two scenarios in the Grand Finale set of the Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode.


"Ganondorf had assembled all three pieces of the Triforce. With its unlimited might, he summoned ever-greater hordes of monsters.
Seeing the battle was won, Ganondorf vanished from sight.

When Zelda learned of the Demon King's disappearance, she saw a thin ray of hope.
If the remaining Hyrulean army could defeat Zant and Ghirahim in their master's absence, perhaps there was a chance.
Taking the fight to the enemy's stronghold in Gerudo Desert, Zelda was determined to end the war before the day was through.

— Enduring Resolve loading screen narrative, Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)


Victory Conditions
Defeat Ghirahim and Zant!
Defeat Conditions
Zelda or Lana flee, or the Allied Base falls.
  • Defeat Ghirahim!
  • Rendezvous with Lana!
  • Hunt down Ghirahim and Zant!


Heart Container

  • Playing as Link, the chest containing this Heart Container can be found by blowing up a boulder at the east-southeast edge of the map, directly southeast from the jump down arrow.

Piece of Heart

  • Playing as Lana, take control of the Central Keep, located at the center part of the map. A treasure chest will appear containing the Piece of Heart.

Gold Skulltulas

  • After defeating 1,000 enemies as anyone, the Gold Skulltula appears at the southeast part of the map, just west of the S. Desert Keep. There is a boulder that can be blown up with a Bomb, revealing the Skulltula.
  • After completing Legend Mode the first time, a second Skulltula becomes available. This requires it to be in Hard Mode, played with Zelda, and using the Rapier. Defeat 2,000 enemies while maintaining at least 30% health. The Skulltula will appear within the northern cell, beneath a boulder that needs to be blown up with Bombs.