Sealed Ambition

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Sealed Ambition
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Link (default)

Recommended Element

Hyrule Warriors Element Light.png Light

Sealed Ambition is the second and final scenario in the Skyward Sword set of the Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode.

Following this scenario, the branching paths recombine with The Sacred Sword. Completing all three paths unlocks Zelda (with Rapier) as a playable character in the Wii U version & Hyrule Warriors Legends.


"Fi, a servant of the goddess Hylia, joined Link and together they drove away the Dragon Knight Volga.
But despite the victory, Ghirahim managed to slip away in the chaos.
Hoping to destroy Ghirahim and close the Gate of Souls, Link followed Fi's advice and hurried to the Sealed Grounds.
The Hyrulean army advanced quickly in order to catch up to their quarry.
And that was when Ghirahim sprang his trap.

— Sealed Ambition loading screen narrative, Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)


Victory Conditions
Defeat Ghirahim.
Defeat Conditions
The Allied Base falls.
  • Find the Turncoat Leader!
  • Defeat The Imprisoned!
  • Go to the temple and defeat Ghirahim!


Heart Container

  • Playing as Fi, there is a boulder at the north-central part of the map, located within the Temple. The boulder is directly east of the Temple Entrance keep. Blow up the boulder with a Bomb and open the treasure chest for a heart container.

Piece of Heart

  • Playing as Link, take control of the West Keep located just northwest of where the battle with The Imprisoned takes place. A treasure chest will appear containing the piece of heart.

Gold Skulltulas

  • After defeating 1,000 enemies, the Gold Skulltula will appear at the far east part of the map. Use the Boomerang to knock down the vines and collect the Skulltula.
  • After completing Legend Mode the first time, a second Skulltula becomes available. This requires it to be in Hard Mode, played with Link, and using the Magic Rod. You have 15 minutes. Stop The Imprisoned from destroying any keeps, and open the Enemy Base. The Skulltula is located in the East Temple Keep.