Earth God's Lyric

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Earth God's Lyric


Learned from

From a tablet in the Earth Temple


How to Perform

↓ ↓ • → ← •


Awakening the Earth Sage, destroying large rock barriers in the Earth Temple, Empowering the Master Sword

Earth God's Lyric - TWW icon.png

The Earth God's Lyric is a song from The Wind Waker. It is important to the plot of the game and necessary for the completion of the Earth Temple.

How to Play

The Earth God's Lyric is played by holding the analog stick to the right to conduct in 6/4 time and then moving the C-stick down, down, center, right, left, center.

↓ ↓ • → ← •


This song is learned after Link obtains the Power Bracelets from Fire Mountain. He can then enter the Earth Temple through Headstone Island. In the very first room, he will find a tablet with the directions written on it.


After Link plays the song for the first time, he will speak with Laruto, who will explain that it can be used to awaken the next Earth Sage and destroy the tablet when the sage plays the song. Link can then find Medli, the next Earth Sage, and bring her to the temple. She plays the Earth God's Lyric while Link conducts to destroy the stone tablet with the initial directions written on it. There are also more tablets like this one later in the temple.

After Link defeats Jalhalla, he conducts the Earth God's Lyric for Medli and Laruto, which restores half the power back to the Master Sword.