Wind God's Aria

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Wind God's Aria


Learned from

From a rock tablet in the Wind Temple


How to Perform

↑ ↑ ↓ → ← →


Awakening the Wind Sage, destroying large rock barriers in the Wind Temple, Empowering the Master Sword

Wind God's Aria - TWW icon.png

The Wind God's Aria is a song from The Wind Waker. It is used by the Wind Sage to keep the power to repel evil within the Master Sword.

How to Play

The Wind God's Aria is played by moving the analog stick to the right to conduct in 6/4 time and then moving the C-stick up, up, down, right, left, right.

↑ ↑ ↓ → ← →

How to Learn

This song can be learned after Link obtains the Iron Boots from Ice Ring Isle. He can then enter the Wind Temple through Gale Isle. In the first room of the temple is a tablet with the directions for the Wind God's Aria upon it.


After playing the notes on the tablet and learning the Wind God's Aria, the ghost of the previous Sage of Winds, Fado, will tell Link to use the song to awaken his successor. Link can then find Makar, the next sage, and conduct the song for him so he can realize his true purpose. Once the pair return to Gale Isle, Link conducts for Makar while he plays his violin. The tablet will then be destroyed and the pair can enter the rest of the Wind Temple. There are identical tablets later in the temple that must be destroyed in a similar manner to progress.

At the end of the dungeon, Link defeats Molgera, and Makar and Fado will play the Wind God's Aria as Link conducts to restore full power to the Master Sword.