Gate of Time

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This article is about the time-travel devices. For Lana's weapon from Hyrule Warriors, see Summoning Gate.
Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Gate of Time
Gate of Time.png
Link in front of the Gate of Time




There are two Gates of Time located on the Surface in Skyward Sword. These gates, when activated with a Skyward Strike, open a large pathway to the past. This pathway leads to Hylia's Realm, which is technically the Sealed Grounds around 1,000 years before the present time. The first Gate of Time Link encounters is located at the Temple of Time in Lanayru Desert, but is quickly destroyed by Impa to escape Ghirahim's pursuit. The second Gate of Time is located within the Sealed Temple, but cannot be fully activated until Link collects the three Sacred Flames. Once Link has done so, he can use the power of these flames to activate this large gate.

The Gate of Time is vital to not only completing the Song of the Hero, but also going back in time and have Link's sword be blessed by Hylia, who is really his childhood friend, Zelda. Once she has done so, Link's Master Sword becomes the sacred True Master Sword. Aside from having his sword blessed, Link needs to go back in time through the gate to plant the Life Tree Fruit in order to cure Lanayru. After learning the Song of the Hero, Impa informs Link that he needs the ultimate power of the Triforce in order to vanquish Demise. After Link does so by venturing through Sky Keep and obtaining the Triforce, he learns that Demise was only killed in the present. Meaning the hero has to travel back in time again to defeat the villain once and for all.