Beedle's Chart

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Beedle's Chart
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Locate Beedle's Shop Ships

Beedle's Chart is a special chart that can be obtained in The Wind Waker. It is delivered to a Postbox along with a letter promoting the Shop Ship's new sale of Bombs as soon as Link retrieves the Bombs from Tetra's Pirate Ship.[1] The chart displays all of the locations of Beedle's Shop Ships around the Great Sea.[2] It also specifies the location of Beedle's Masked Shop, which sells rare items.


  1. "Notice from Beedle's Shop Ship! It's time for our semi-annual Big Chance Extravaganza! We have a new product that has burst onto the scene: Bombs!!! We're having an extra-special sale on this choice item for a limited time only! You'll know where to find us by checking the enclosed Beedle Shop Ship Chart! Visit a Beedle Shop Ship near you today! (Offer not available in all regions.) Don't miss this HUGE opportunity!!! Beedle" — Beedle's Letter, The Wind Waker.
  2. "You got Beedle's Chart! Now you know where to find Beedle's floating Shop Ships! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it." — In-Game Description, The Wind Waker.