Bait Bag

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Bait Bag
Bait Bag.png




20 Rupees


Holding bait and pears


The Bait Bag is an item in The Wind Waker.


The Bait Bag can be bought from Beedle at his shop for 20 Rupees.[1] The bag has a photo of a Pig's nose on it. It can hold up to eight slots of bait, which can consist of All-Purpose Bait or Hyoi Pears.[2] Without it, Beedle will not let Link buy bait.[3][4]

Beedel's Shop Ship can be found at various locations through the Great Sea, with it first being encountered at the start of the game, on Outset Island. It appears at many of the early locations, including Windfall Island, Dragon Roost Island, and the Forest Haven, to encourage players to purcahse the Bait Bag early on.


Link can hold two items in the Bait Bag, All-Purpose Bait and Hyoi Pears.



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