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The Town Flower is the first item in the Trading Sequence of The Wind Waker. Link obtains it from Zunari at his shop. When Zunari sees that Link has a Delivery Bag, he asks him for a favor.[1] He makes Link his partner and gives him a Town Flower in hopes that he will head to other islands and trade it with the Traveling Merchants for new products to sell.[2]

Link can find merchants on Bomb Island, Greatfish Isle, and Mother and Child Isles. All three offer the Sea Flower in exchange for the Town Flower and 20 Rupees.[3] If Link tries to give the Sea Flower to the Bomb Island or Mother and Child Isles merchants, they will give him another Town Flower in return.

Link can also purchase a Town Flower from Zunari's Shop for 10 Rupees.[4] In addition, he can place one in Joy Pedestals around Windfall Island, which is said to spread happiness.[5]



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