Shield Moblin

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Shield Moblin
A Shield Moblin from Skyward Sword


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"This massive monster's wall-sized shield gives it a tactical advantage. When its shield is at the ready, most attacks will be quite futile. The destruction of its shield is likely to drive the monster into a rage, instantly increasing its threat."

— Fi

The Shield Moblin is an enemy found in Skyward Sword. There are several to be found throughout the Surface and the Sky Keep.


Shield Moblins are large, fat, red-skinned humanoids with floppy ears and noses, similar to a canine. They are bigger than Link and carry a large, rectangular shield made of wood.


Wooden Shield Moblin


Link can cut the Moblin's shield into pieces, allowing him to attack the Moblin directly. When the shield gets too small, the Moblin will toss it away and continue to fight without it. Link can also dash at the Moblin to climb over its shield and attack from the rear.

Metal Shield Moblin


Link must use the dash technique to get behind the Moblin in order to attack it. These Moblins have more health, and their shields will not break. They can also be attacked from afar using the Bow.