Fatal Blow

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Ending Blow or Fatal Blow
Ending Blow.gif
Link performing the Ending Blow in Twilight Princess


How to Perform

A leap in the air followed by a plunging attack


Ends a foes breath

A sword technique introduced in Twilight Princess and later used in Skyward Sword, the Fatal Blow (or Ending Blow as it's called in Twilight Princess) is used to instantly kill an enemy that has been knocked to the ground (usually on its back and/or with a weak spot exposed).

Twilight Princess

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

In Twilight Princess, the Ending Blow is the first of seven Hidden Skills learned by Link in his travels across Hyrule. Unlike the other Hidden Skills, however, the Ending Blow is forced and must be learned in order to advance in the story. The Hero's Spirit appears before the young hero in the form of a Golden Wolf as he was on his way to the Forest Temple, and upon seeing this Link draws his blade in an attempt to defend from any incoming attacks, but despite this, he was still dragged into the world the Hero's Spirit dwells regardless. Upon waking up, Link looks around and soon turns to regard the skeletal warrior present before him; however upon trying to attack this figure the young hero was quickly knocked back and the Hero's Spirit explained things to him. Having a good understanding now, the young hero follows this hero of old's guidance and is taught the Ending Blow, in turn the Hero's Spirit states how that skill had been passed on now and that if Link wishes to find him again he just needs to search for the statues that howl with sound of the wind. Much later at the end of the game, Link is required to perform this skill in his final battle against Ganondorf, and in doing so he puts the dark lord to rest and the battle ends with the young hero coming out of it victorious.

Skyward Sword

Fatal blow.gif
Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Learned in the beginning of the game at the Sparring Hall, the Fatal Blow is one of the most useful sword techniques. It is performed by first knocking an enemy to the ground, targeting the enemy, then swinging both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk in a downward motion, instantly killing the enemy. This is effective against stronger Bokoblins and Lizalfos, and the only means to defeat a Cursed Bokoblin and a Skulltula on the ground. Also, like how the version of this attack present in Twilight Princess is used against Ganondorf at the end of said game, the Fatal Blow is used against both Ghirahim and Demise at the end of Skyward Sword.