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Caladbolg is a longsword in Cadence of Hyrule. Only Link can wield it.


The following is a list of properties of Caladbolg.

Property Value
Range 2 spaces forward
Power 3 (2 if rammed while holding R)
Ability None

Caladbolg is the earliest Legendary Weapons the player can get in Story Mode in Cadence of Hyrule. It deals three points of damage (two if it runs into an enemy while Link is holding it out), making it the third most powerful weapon in the game (Eli's Greatshovel has scalable power, making it potentially more powerful than Caladbolg, and the Kokiri Sword deals four points of damage per hit).

While equipped, Link cannot use his shield. Attempting to do so makes Link hold Caladbolg out in front of him, allowing him to slash enemies beside him or ram an enemy two spaces in front of him.