A New Day

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A New Day




After defeating Majora's Mask

A New Day is a non-playable period that occurs after Majora has been defeated in Majora's Mask. During it, Link leaves Termina after saying goodbye to the Four Giants, the Skull Kid, the Happy Mask Salesman, and Tatl. The events of the day that follow are different depending on how many people in the Bombers' Notebook Link has helped. This is the end of the game and is the only non-playable day.

Ending Scenes

Skull Kid without his Mask during A New Day.

These scenes are shown no matter what.

These scenes are available only after collecting the proper masks. If the mask was never collected, the screen shows the associated mask rotating in place.

After the credits, the final scene of the game plays.

  • Link is seen riding through the Lost Woods on Epona. After he rides off, a ring of light shows a shot of a stump with a simple drawing of Tatl, Link, Skull Kid, and Tael. The Four Giants wave in the background. After a few moments, Saria's Song plays.