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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Gerudo Canyon Stable & Kara Kara Bazaar
Tears of the Kingdom
East of the Runakit Shrine

Calisa is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Calisa is a Gerudo treasure hunter who travels between the Gerudo Canyon Stable and Kara Kara Bazaar. She can be seen wielding a Gerudo Scimitar and a Gerudo Shield. She will stop and rest at the Gerudo Canyon Stable as well stopping to look at the pond at the Bazaar, before then heading back on the road. The harsh conditions of the Gerudo Desert do not seem to bother her, as she will continue to walk regardless of whether it is very hot or cold.

She knows that there is treasure buried throughout the Gerudo Desert and she wants to dig it all up.[1][2][3][4] Although she is looking for treasure, she is also looking for a man. In particular a rough and tough man.[5][6] She is not to impressed by the men that are found at the Gerudo Stable and says that there isn't much value in them.[7] However, when meeting Link, she's surprised that he has such strength and endurance into such a runty body.[8]

When traveling across the Gerudo Desert, she does wish that she has a Sand Seal, as it would traveling across the sand a lot smoother.[9] When she does get ambushed by monsters, she does get a bit thrown off guard. She states that if she was a few years younger, she would easily take care of these monsters.[10] She will thank Link for helping her out and will give him a meal or an elixir.[11]

Calisa will also comment about the Yiga Clan and how many of the people at Kara Kara Bazaar are buzzing about their presence.[12] Calisa also briefly mentions the Leviathan Bones that are in the desert.[13] She talks about how only a few travelers have seen the leviathan bones, likely due to the Gerudo Great Skeleton being at the far southwestern edge of the desert.

Tears of the Kingdom

Calisa is still a Gerudo treasure hunter. When Link finds her on the path to the Runakit Shrine she is being attacked by a Bokoblin. After Link defeats the enemy she will thank Link, acknowledging that he is saving her again after the events of Breath of the Wild.[14] She will give Link a Hasty Simmered Fruit as thanks. She is wandering Hyrule due to the recent events of the Upheaval, which she says are a dream come true due to the appearance of Caves and islands floating in the sky.[15] Calisa recommends getting higher into the sky to get a better look of the environment.[16][17][18]



  1. Sav'aaq. You're in the presence of the legendary treasure hunter Calisa. I'm chasing down rumors of treasure chests in the desert. No idea if people buried them or if the sands claimed them... I care more about digging them up and opening them! - Calisa
  2. They say there's buried chests in these sands. I am to dig them up and find out what's inside. - Calisa
  3. They say that buried in those sands somewhere is a great treasure. - Calisa
  4. I never rest until I get my hands on the treasure I'm after. I've been at this job for 20 years, after all! - Calisa
  5. The main treasure I'm after right now is a big, strapping voe. I think your word for voe is... "man"? And not just any voe. The roughest, toughest voe I can find! - Calisa
  6. Any treasure, or any voe, I get my hands on is mine forever. Heh heh. - Calisa
  7. I look at the voe at this stable with a treasure hunter's eye. Not much value in these runts, sad to say. - Calisa
  8. How do you wring such strength, such endurance, out of that runty body? - Calisa
  9. If only we had sand seals, then we wouldn't need to think twice about traveling across these sands. - Calisa
  10. If I was just a few years younger, that monster would rue the day it met me. - Calisa
  11. *pant pant*... How do I get into these scrapes? Here. If you want it, it's yours. - Calisa
  12. The whole town's been buzzing about that Yiga Clan. - Calisa
  13. Few travelers have seen the leviathan bones, but keep an eye out in the desert and you might just get lucky! - Calisa
  14. Look at you, swooping to save me in the nick of time all over again. - Calisa
  15. Islands floating in the sky and caves opening up everywhere... It's a dream come true for a treasure hunter! - Calisa
  16. The key to making new discoveries is being able to get somewhere high up! - Calisa
  17. A cliff, ruins that have fallen from the sky... As long as it's high up, it'll work just fine. - Calisa
  18. So get high up and look around-you're bound to discover all kinds of things! - Calisa