Taobab Grassland

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The Taobab Grassland is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The grassland is located at the northwest portion of the Lake Tower region, just south of Mount Hylia on the Great Plateau on the northern part of the Oseira Plains. The area has a few very tall trees with grass growing all around. The easiest way to access the grassland is by paragliding down southwest from the Owa Daim Shrine at the Great Plateau after clearing said Plateau.

As the grassland is in a warmer climate, it attracts different types of creatures and vegetation. There are some Sunshrooms and Zapshrooms growing along the sides of some of the trees. Additionally, there are some Cold Darners and Winterwing Butterflies flying around, as well as some Wasteland Coyotes that will appear.

To the west of the grassland, as the slopes become steep, leading up to the Stalry Plateau, there are some Rushrooms and Swift Violet flowers that are alongside the mountainside.

Hunt for the Giant Horse

Main article: Hunt for the Giant Horse
Horse route between Taobab Grassland and the Highland Stable, starting from the Owa Daim Shrine; pertinent for both the Giant Horse and the High-Tier Horses

After talking to Straia over at the Mounted Archery Camp, this will begin the Hunt for the Giant Horse quest. The Giant Horse can be found alongside a number of smaller Horses in the area. In order to mount the horse, it is recommended that Link have a stealth upgrade to sneak up on the horse. Alternatively, Link can jump down and paraglide from a tree, landing right on the horse. As the horse is much larger and more powerful, it will require more than two full wheels of stamina to soothe the horse. If Link does not have enough Stamina Vessel upgrades, he'll need to use meals or elixirs that give a Stamina boost.

High-Tier Horses

Main article: High-Tier Horses

The Grassland, alongside Upland Lindor, is one of the locations where some of the best horses in the game can be found. These horses commonly have solid dark colors, not lighter than light brown. It has considerably more horses than Upland Lindor, but at a higher risk.

Horses with 5★ Stamina, Strength or Speed can be found there, but some special considerations must be taken:

  • These horses can be registered at the Highland Stable, which entails going south through the Oseira Plains, which has two Lynels, and then going east through the Darybon Plains, which have a large group of horse-riding Bokoblins. As such, it's important to not engage any enemies in combat en route to the Stable.
  • 5★ Stamina and 5★ Strength horses have the same amount of spurs (5).
  • 5★ Speed horses have very low strength (2★), so they can be killed easily. Also, they only have 3 spurs, so they share that with mid-tier horses.
  • Attempting to bring horses to the stable at night poses a higher risk due to the presence of Electric Keese and Stalkoblins.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Shoot the balloon hanging from the tall tree.

Shoot the balloon.

Shoot the small acorn hanging from the tall tree.

Shoot the acorn.

Solve the Magnesis block puzzle.

The puzzle can be found up on the ledge.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Taobab Grassland is found just south of the Great Plateau and west of Mount Faloraa. The grassland transitions into the Oseira Plains to the south.

It is a fairly empty area with several tall, thick trees. A dangerous Gloom Spawn appears in the area, but can be easily avoided by climbing one of the trees and waiting for the daylight to cause the gloom to dissipate. There is grass found throughout the area, with Hot-Footed Frogs found beneath.


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