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Straia is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Straia can be found pacing beside a tree at the Mounted Archery Camp, located at the end of the pathway, west from the Highland Stable. Alongside Jini, the two are doing an ecological study on the wild animals in the area as they had heard of a Giant Horse living in the region.[1]

While Straia will spend most his time patrolling back and forth, at midnight each night, he will head over and sit down on his stool and fall asleep. If Link tries to speak to him, he will be a bit bothered.[2]

Hunt for the Giant Horse

Main article: Hunt for the Giant Horse

After talk to Straia, he will tell Link that he wants to search for the Giant Horse, but he's concerned about all the monsters in the area. In particular, the Bokoblin archers that are in the Darybon Plains, as well as a pair of Red-Maned Lynels that are in the Oseira Plains.[3] Straia even approached one of the Lynels, thinking that it in fact was the Giant Horse, but he was mistaken.[4]

Straia will ask Link if he'd be interested in finding the Giant Horse for him. Straia will point Link in the direction of the Taobab Grassland to the northwest and asks Link to bring the horse back to them at the Mounted Archery Camp.[5]

After traveling to Taobab Grassland, getting the Giant Horse, and bringing it back to Straia, he will be shocked at how big the horse is.[6] After Straia takes a closer look at the those, he thanks you for helping in his investigation and will reward Link with a Silver Rupee.[7]

Straia will continue to comment about the giant horse, stating that with muscles that big, it must have an insane amount of endurance.[8] Although he things because of its size and wild nature, regular horse equipment might not fit and the horse might not listen to Link.[9][10] If Link later shows up without the horse, Straia will be a bit disappointed, as he wanted to take another look at it.[11]


  1. Hey there! It's not every day that I see someone all the way out here! We're doing an ecological study on the wild animals in the area. We'd heard that there was a giant horse living in this region. Apparently it can't be found anywhere else... That was all we needed to hear! We headed this way to investigate right away! - Straia
  2. What do you want at this hour? It's gotten really late. Why not rest for the night, hmm? - Straia
  3. The really big horse in this region is likely part of a rare, local species. However, with all the monsters roaming around, we simply can't go any farther. To be so close to discovery... - Straia
  4. That's right... There was even a monster that looked quite a lot like a horse... I approached it, thinking at first that it was the giant horse we've been looking for, but... Oh, it was terrible... Just from looking at you, I'd guess that you're an adventurer, right? You certainly look strong. Hrm... Hey, how you like to go and catch a giant horse for us? - Straia
  5. Ah, you're a lifesaver! They say that the giant horse lives around the Taobab Grassland... That'd be northwest of here. Do you think you could catch it and bring it back here? Don't stress out over the request, thought! - Straia
  6. That horse... It's huge... I've never seen one that big! That is definitely an endemic species! Sorrry, but can I take a good look at that horse? - Straia
  7. Wow. With this much info, I can feel my spirit for discovery murmuring in contentment. It's definitely different, seeing something with your own eyes rather than just reading about it. Thank you! This is to thank you for helping with our investigation! - Straia
  8. That horse is enormous! With muscles that big, I bet it has an insane amount of endurance too! - Straia
  9. That horse is gigantic! I don't think normal-sized horse stuff will even fit a horse that big! - Straia
  10. That giant horse seems pretty wild, eh? I doubt it'll listen to you. - Straia
  11. You didn't bring the giant horse with ya? Too bad, I'd really like to see it again. - Straia