Temple of Brainstorms

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Temple of Brainstorms


Cadence of Hyrule (with Symphony of the Mask DLC)


Death Mountain (Future)




Various, but only two can be kept.


The Temple of Brainstorms is the second dungeon in Symphony of the Mask mode and the only dungeon in Puzzle mode in Cadence of Hyrule.

The Temple of Brainstorms is a puzzle-based dungeon in a classic Link's Awakening style design. Each room is a single screen, and staircases can be found in some of the rooms. Every room will have some sort of puzzle, and some puzzles require certain items or are easier with said items.

In Symphony of the Mask mode or normal story mode, the Temple of Brainstorms has no Boss Key. Instead, the player needs to scour the temple for the Unpowered Synth, then enter the boss chamber to get it powered. Upon bringing the synth to the boss chamber, it will mount itself to a larger machine, which wakes up and reveals itself to be the dungeon's boss, Synthrova (a parody of Koume and Kotake). To defeat it, the player has to electrocute enemies while they are standing on circular designs on the ground. After breaking all of the designs on one side of the chamber, that side of Synthrova will be destroyed. Destroying both sides rewards the player with a Heart Container (in Symphony of the Mask mode) and the Powered Synth. In Puzzle mode, the dungeon has a boss key, but no Heart Container is awarded as the victory ends the game.