Symphony of the Mask

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Symphony of the Mask



United States $9.99 (standalone)



Brace Yourself Games






Symphony of the Mask is the third expansion to Cadence of Hyrule, available either as part of the Cadence of Hyrule Season Pass or as a single item of DLC.

Symphony of the Mask adds a brand new story to the game featuring Skull Kid as the protagonist. It also adds two new items, the Megaton Hammer, which uses Stamina to flatten enemies, diggable walls, and other destructible objects, and the Magic Cape, which uses Stamina to make the wearer invisible. Furthermore, it adds two new dungeons with vastly different styles from the base game: the Gerudo Arena, a gauntlet dungeon in which the player must survive five waves of enemies to reach King Dobongo and win the Bongos, and the Temple of Brainstorms, a puzzle-centric dungeon with Synthrova, a parody of Ganon's surrogate mothers, as the boss.

The expansion also adds Puzzle Mode, a new mode in which the player takes on a bigger Temple of Brainstorms, Arena Mode, an endless gauntlet based on the Gerudo Arena, and a numerous number of new enemies and items.