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Powered Synth
Heart Container (Symphony of the Mask mode)
Two items from dungeon (does not apply to Puzzle Mode)
Game Completion (Puzzle Mode)

Synthrova is a boss added with the Symphony of the Mask expansion for Cadence of Hyrule. Synthrova is a parody of Twinrova and the boss of the Temple of Brainstorms.


Upon entering the room, the Unpowered Synth will float up to the top of the massive synthesizer and slide into the open slot. The synthesizer will turn on and Koume and Kotake will appear on the two screens. After a brief dialogue, the battle will start. After a few beats, two power leads will activate. Stand on one of the leads and lure a minion onto a power node. Attack the minion to destroy the Power Node. Repeat this process for the other nodes. When all nodes are destroyed on one side of Synthrova, that side will be destroyed. Once both sides are destroyed, the battle will end and the Powered Synth will appear (a Heart Container will also appear in Symphony of the Mask mode). The collected items will also appear in Story Mode, Octavo's Ode, and Symphony of the Mask mode, with a message to take two. Collect the Powered Synth to complete the dungeon.


  • If the boss battle is too tricky, a Lightning Scroll can be used to shock enemies and destroy nodes without standing on the power lead.
  • While the player can enter the boss chamber without the Unpowered Synth, Synthrova will not awaken without the Synth.