Prince of Hyrule

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Prince of Hyrule
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The Prince of Hyrule is a character from the backstory of The Adventure of Link. He is the son of the King of Hyrule and brother of Princess Zelda. When the king passes away, the young prince becomes king, but no crest appears on his hand, instead only inheriting the incomplete Triforce. A Magician close to the young king suggests that Princess Zelda might know something about it. They interrogate her, but she does not reveal any information. The Magician becomes angry and threatens her with a spell of eternal slumber, but she stubbornly refuses. The Magician chants the spell, spending all of his energy to cast it on Princess Zelda. She collapses in that spot, and the magician dies immediately afterward.

The young king regrets his mistake and grieves for Princess Zelda. He decides to place her at the altar of the North Palace, hoping that one day she will wake up. He then orders that every girl born into the Royal Family will be named Zelda to let the tragedy never be forgotten.