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Magician and Zelda - TAOL.png
The Magician casts a spell of eternal sleep on Zelda I





The Magician is a character from the backstory of The Adventure of Link.

The Adventure of Link

According to the tale Impa tells Link, the Magician had become an important adviser of the Prince of Hyrule after ascending to the throne following his father's death. Somehow the Magician knew of the secret of the split Triforce, and convinced the prince to interrogate his sister. When Princess Zelda I refused to divulge the information, the Magician put her into an eternal sleep, but died in the process.

While the identity of the Wizard is unknown, he was most likely either an agent of Ganon or one of his alter egos like Agahnim.[1]



  1. "The true nature of the man who stubbornly hones in on the secret of the Triforce is uncertain. However, it's possible that he is an offshoot of Ganon, much like Agahnim, or merely one of his followers." — Hyrule Historia, pg. 104