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Tokay Cafe
Tokay Cafe Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Café Tokay (Tokay Cafe)
Spain Español Café Tokay (Tokay Cafe)
Germany Deutsch Tokay Café (Tokay Cafe)
Italy Italiana Caffè Tokay (Tokay Cafe)

The Tokay Cafe[1] is a location found at the southeast corner of Crescent Island within Oracle of Ages in the Present. The Cafe is owned and operated by the Tokay Chef. The cafe is fairly small, with only a couple of chairs in the bottom corners of the room. In the Past, the location where the Tokay Chef is now holds the entrance to a small cave that houses a chest that holds a Magical Ring. Once this ring has been appraised, it is revealed to be the Power Ring L-2.

This location plays a part in the trading sequence. When Link first enters the cafe, the Tokay Chef reveals to Link that he has to cook dinner for all the Tokay, but he can't because his nose is all stuffed up.[2] Fortunately, Link acquires the Stink Bag from ???, which he can give to the Tokay Cafe.[3] The Tokay Chef wonders what it is,[4] causing him to rip it open and smell it.[5] The Stink Bag smells really bad, so the Tokay Chef immediately reacts by freaking out because it smells so bad.[6] After coming back to his senses, the Tokay Chef asks what it was.[7] After realizing the smell cleared his nose, the Tokay Chef asks to keep the bag, and offers something really good for it; the Tasty Meat.[7]

If Link re-enters the Tokay Cafe, the Tokay Chef simply tells Link that he is out of dinner fixings.[8]



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