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Toilet Interior






In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Toilettes (Toilet)
Spain Español Servicios (Services)
Germany Deutsch Toilette (Toilet)
Italy Italiana Toilet

The Toilet[1] is a location marked on the far west portion of Lynna Village in the Past from Oracle of Ages. It is a tiny wooden building with a purple roof. Inside, there Link can find a jar, along with ???, a hand that is sticking out from the hole in the ground. In the Present, the Know-It-All Birds Hut is found in the location where the Toilet was in the Past.

This location plays a part in the trading sequence. ???, the hand that can be found in the toilet, asks Link for paper if he ever enters the Toilet.[2] If Link enters the Toilet after having collected the Stationery from the Postman, he is given the option to give it to ???.[3] ??? gladly accepts it, and then disappears into the floor, while still making noises that Link can hear.[4][5] After reappearing, ??? gives Link the Stink Bag,[6] the next item in the sequence. The Stink Bag can later be used to acquire the Tasty Meat.

If Link visits the Toilet after this exchange, ??? just says "Yay!"[4]



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