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Artwork from Link's Awakening





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1 Heart.png Contact
1 Heart.png Fireball


Genie is the Nightmare found within Bottle Grotto. He guards the second Instrument of the Sirens, the Conch Horn. Unlike most other bosses, he is constantly talking and mocking Link throughout the battle.


When Link first enters the Nightmare's room, the Genie taunts him.[1] Every time that he pops out, he informs Link that he cannot hurt him as long as he is in his bottle.[2] Then he starts throwing fireballs at Link. After a few throws, he retreats into the bottle and bounces toward Link from inside of it. Link can hit the bottle with his sword to temporarily freeze his enemy, and then lift the bottle with the Power Bracelet and throw it into the wall.[3] After repeating this three times, Link successfully breaks the bottle.[4] Furious, the Genie then splits into multiple clones that circle around the room before converging into a single being that shoots a fireball at Link. Link must hit the real Genie with his sword multiple times in order to defeat him.

After he is killed, a Heart Container materializes and Link can enter the door to the left. Inside he will find the Conch Horn.


  • In the DX version of Link's Awakening, the Genie's speech was extended to give more clues on how to defeat him. Once he is inside his bottle he says ". . . .! I can't move! But I am still all right. Your little sword won't break this bottle!".



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