Smasher (Link's Awakening)

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This article is about the mini-boss in Link's Awakening. For the mini-boss in Oracle of Ages, see Smasher (Oracle of Ages).
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1 Heart.png Ball
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Smasher is a Mini-Boss in Link's Awakening. It appears twice, both times with its signature ball that it throws at its enemies.


Face Shrine

Smasher's first appearance is in Face Shrine. Link must use a bomb on a wall in order to find Smasher's room. Once inside, Link finds a closed door at the north of the room and Smasher within.

Smasher's main attack is to throw a round black ball at Link. In order to defeat him, Link must manage to pick up the ball before Smasher can retrieve it after a throw. When he does so, Smasher begins running around the room. Link can throw the ball at Smasher to deal some damage. If he is quick enough, he can pick the ball back up before the mini-boss recovers and throw it second time, or possibly even a third or fourth. It usually takes around four hits before Smasher is defeated. After, a portal appears that leads back to the entrance of the dungeon, and Smasher turns into a fairy. The door at the north of the room is also opened.

Turtle Rock

Like many of the other mini-bosses in the game, Smasher is found once again in Turtle Rock, this time in the east of the dungeon. Its room has three doors – Link enters from the southern door, and he opens the western and northern doors upon Smasher's defeat. The battle is nearly identical to the encounter at Face Shrine: Smasher's weakness still lies within his own weapon, which Link must throw back at him four times in order to win. As before, a fairy appears when Smasher is killed.