5.1 Sealed Gateway

~ Stage 1 ~

You will encounter some enemy Soldiers that will block your sword slashes from the front. Switch between heroes so that you can get a hit in from the back. Defeat the soldiers and grab the items for the stage. In the next area there are some Spear Throwing Soldiers. These guys can be defeated with simple sword slashes.

Use the bomb flowers that are nearby to break the large block. Continue onward and defeat some more soldiers. You can use the gust jar to temporarily stun the soldiers, allowing you to strike them with your sword. Strike the orb to lower the spikes and then head eastward to the gateway.

~ Stage 2 ~

Run northward and you’ll encounter a Ball and Chain Trooper. Keep your distance and once the enemy launches its chain towards you, switch to one of the other heroes and run up to its backside and deliver a sword slash. Repeat this process until the enemy is defeated.

Further north you’ll encounter a group of six soldiers. There are two new Bomb Knights, who will toss bombs at you that can harm not only you, but the enemy soldiers. Totem up to reach the higher ledges and defeat all the enemies. Progress northward and step into the gateway.

~ Stage 3 ~

Throughout this stage you will find crystal orbs. Hitting them with raise and lower the yellow and purple platforms. With the yellow platforms lowered, strike the orb so that all the heroes can reach the right side. Totem up and toss a hero over the colored platforms so they can hit the orb on the other side, allowing all the heroes to progress.

There is a treasure chest at the top-right part of this area and two more at the far left part of this area, so be sure to snag them for some rupees and hearts. Lower the large purple platform and have all three heroes stand on it. Wait until one of the bombers from above tosses a bomb and then quickly toss it at the nearby orb. Before it explodes, run back to the purple platform. With the platform raised, toss two Links across and step on the floor switches to create a pair of staircases. Run over and step into the gateway.

~ Stage 4 ~

Use the elevator to scale the room, defeating the bombers as you go. The left side of the elevator has a treasure chest that contains some rupees, so be sure to snag it. At the top, the gap is a bit too large to just toss a hero across. Instead, use the gust jar to shoot two Links across the gap. Step on the floor switch to create a bridge.

There are two large blocks that are preventing you from crossing the middle platform. Use the hero with the gust jar to climb the steps on the right side. Use the gust jar, causing the large blocks to swing and allowing one of your heroes to sneak by. The hero can step on a switch here, which opens a gate to the left. They can then use the boomerang to pull the other heroes, or they can just run across the middle platform.

At the north end of the stage you will encounter a pair of ball and chain troopers. Like before, switch between two heroes to avoid its weapon. When you get a chance, slash away at the enemy. With both defeated, step into the gateway.

5.2 Bomb Storage

~ Stage 1 ~

Use the gust jar to send two of the heroes over the gap where they can step on a pair of switches, creating a bridge. Run to the left and use the gust jar on the bomb flower, shooting it northward and breaking the block. Repeat it once again, with this item hitting the crystal orb and dropping a nearby bridge.

Defeat the hardhat beetles and you’ll see a similar object to the north, but this time there is no bomb flower to be found. Instead, have the hero with the bombs toss a bomb and then use the gust jar to send it across the gap. Repeat this process to hit the orb, which creatures another bridge. Near the bridge, you can launch one of the heroes across the gap to the west to reach a treasure chest.

~ Stage 2 ~

Use the gust jar to send two heroes across the gap, and then use a gust jar a second time to send the third hero to the far left. Step on the three switches and the door will open. There are two large blocks that are in the way, but the hero with the bombs will be on the left. Toss bombs from hero to hero so that you can blast away at both blocks.

Take control of the middle hero and use the gust jar to blow out the flames to the left, allowing that hero to pass. Travel northward and use the gust jar to send another hero over to the left side. Climb the steps and then totem up. Time a bomb toss so it explodes, hitting the crystal orb.

Walk back down the steps and blow a hero across the gap so you have two heroes on the right side. Take the newly created platform northward. At the north end of the room, toss one the heroes up to the higher ledge and strike the nearby orb. This will allow you to reunite all three heroes. Totem up and hit the orb at the far north end of the room and then step into the gateway.

~ Stage 3 ~

Have all three heroes walk onto the cable car. Use the gust jar and blow to the left, causing the cable car to move to the right. Repeat this, while avoiding the arrows that get shot towards you. Eventually you’ll come to a point where you’ll see a crystal orb to the north. Toss a bomb towards it. If you get close to it, the shell will close around the orb and it won’t trigger, so move away after tossing the bomb.

Continue using the gust jar and move the cable car to the right. There is a second crystal orb that you’ll encounter, this one that has moving walls around it and it is higher up. Totem up and toss a timely bomb so it lands near the orb, creating a bridge to the right. Follow the pathway to the gateway.

~ Stage 4 ~

Run forward and you’ll encounter Two Hinox that will toss bombs at you. You will have to use bombs against them and there are two ways to do so. You can stand right in front of one of them and they will toss a bomb right at you. Then you can quickly use your gust jar to shoot the bomb back towards the hinox. Alternatively, you can use your hero that has a bomb and toss it so that it is directly south of the hinox, and then use the gust jar to shoot it at the enemy. Repeat this process a number of times until both hinox have been defeated.

During the next phase, a single hinox will toss a much larger bomb towards you. If the bomb is thrown right by a ledge, you can just your gust jar to launch it back at him. The better strategy is to use your other hero with the bombs and shoot those across with the gust jar. Hinox will change which door he appears out of. As you hit him multiple doors will open first, giving you less time to react to where he is. Hit him with enough bombs until he has been defeated.

5.3 Training Ground

~ Stage 1 ~

First things first, run to the east end of the room and follow the pathway to get the bow. Then have all three heroes step on the floor switch and an armos statue will appear. Pickup one of the heroes and toss one of the them on top of the statue. While riding on the statue, you will be able to walk over lava. Walk northward and drop into the lava.

Switch to another hero and bring him towards the lava above as well. Using the hero on the armos statue, totem up with the hero and carry him across the lava. Repeat this with the other hero so that two heroes are now at the north end of the room. Step on the floor switches to create a bridge.

At this point, I would suggest returning to the middle platform and return the armos to its place temporarily. I find it hard to control him for this next puzzle. After each of the heroes has its items, you will see three orbs at the top of the room. If you come close to the orbs, they will disappear. Totem up two-tiers high. Hit the orb that is higher up and then switch to the lone hero and hit the remaining two orbs with a projectile. With all three orbs hit, the door ahead will open.

Return to the armos statue and toss a hero on top of it. Bring the armos statue all the way to the north end of the stage and have it settle on the square floor, so it is pushing down the floor switch. Step on the remaining three floor switches, and then walk into the gateway.

~ Stage 2 ~

Step onto the elevator and allow it to ride it northward. Walk forward and you’ll encounter a handful of enemies. You should toss one of the heroes onto the armos statue, as its large body can bulldoze right over the hardhat beetles. The soldiers with the shields can be difficult to defeat, but you can pull their shield off with the gripshot. Nevertheless, just use the armos statue to crush right over them.

~ Stage 3 ~

Right from the start, totem up two stories high and slash at the Beamos statue that is found here. After enough hits the ball will jump, leaving just the armos statue behind. Toss a Link onto the statue and take the path northward. There is a beamos on the left as well, and you can get rid of it with sword slashes or hitting it from a distance with arrows.

The large bowling Balls will squish Link, but when he’s on an armos statue, they will be destroyed right away. Take the path northward to where the bowling balls originate from. Right when the statue is at the far north of the area, change to one of the other heroes. The statue will remain there blocking any future balls from coming, which in turn will allow the two remaining heroes to cross the narrow platform.

Toss one of the heroes up to the higher ledge and open the treasure chest to get some recovery hearts if you need them. Bring the armos statue over and have it walk to the right along the upper area where the bar of flames originates from. When the armos walks in front of the flame, switch to one of the other heroes. The armos will block the flame, allowing the other heroes to walk by.

Hit the orb and it will creature a bridge along the north end, allowing the armos to continue moving eastward. Walk the armos to the next flame, and once again stop in front of the flame, allowing the heroes to continue eastward. The third flame is actually higher up, and it will burn Link if the armos keeps walking. Instead, walk eastward so the armos is between the second and third flame. Switch to one of the other heroes and slash at the orb, lowering the platform below. Now the armos can walk safely past the third flame. The heroes can also walk past the third flame as they are beneath it.

The fourth flame is lowered, so you’ll need to raise the platform once again by striking the orb. With the armos blocking the fourth flame, you can finally reach the right side of the room with all three heroes.

Move the armos onto the block at the north end of this area, causing the one hero to leap up to the higher ledge. Getting the other two heroes up there is a bit trickier. Grab a hero and toss it back onto the armos statue. Have it walk southward near the large platform that moves up and down. Take the third hero and have him ride that platform until it bring him higher. From there, jump down onto the statue to create a totem on top of the armos. Step onto the square to the north to get the remaining two heroes onto the higher ledge.

~ Stage 4 ~

Jump onto the armos statues and battle with the enemies that are on the opposing statues. You’ll need to use a variety of tricks to defeat some of these enemies. The soldier with the large shield cannot be defeated with your sword. Instead, you’ll need to use the gripshot to pull his shield away first. For some soldiers you can use projectiles. For others, you’ll need to corner them with two Links at a time and switch between them.

After defeating the initial batch of enemies the wall to the north will open, revealing several more. This time there is a rather difficult ball and chain trooper on one of the armos. Furthermore, there is one enemy that has two armos statues beneath it. This will require you to totem up, and then jump onto an armos statue to hit the enemy. All in all, there is a lot of combat in this stage and it can be difficult. After all the enemies have been defeated, step into the gateway to complete the level.

5.4 The Lady's Lair

~ Stage 1 ~

Run to the north end of the stage and have one of the heroes step on the floor switch, facing northward. Then use the other two heroes to totem-up. Have those heroes step on whichever of the nearby blocks is lowered. Then switch back to the lone hero and have him hit the crystal switch to the north, causing the totem Links to rise up with the platform.

This next part requires some timing, but isn’t too tricky. Controlling the totem Links you need to hit the crystal orb to the north, and then walk over to the other platform that is lowered. Then switch back to the lone hero and hit the switch to raise the platform. Then use the totem Links to hit the second crystal orb. You have to do this in a timely manner, and successfully doing so will cause a staircase to appear. Climb the staircase and step into the gateway.

~ Stage 2 ~

There are several cable cars floating at the top of the stage. Grab the bombs that are thrown by the soldier, or use the boomerang to grab a bomb flower on the sides. You will need to toss a bomb so that it lands in the cable car. I find this easiest to do from the middle platform, aiming directly northward at the middle cable car. You want to be close to the edge of the platform but not all the way, otherwise it will ricochet of the car and fall to the abyss. Repeat this process until all the enemies have been defeated. Step on the floor switch and make your way to the gateway.

~ Stage 3 ~

Defeat the enemies and make your way around this room in a counterclockwise fashion. You will come to a tightrope that you can narrowly walk across. Defeat the enemies that are around so they don’t bother you. Create a three-tier totem with the boomerang hero on top, and then walk across the rope. Face northward and grab the bomb flower. Turn to the left and toss it at the block that is in the way. Step on the switch to create a moving platform. At the far left of this area, toss the heroes up to reach a treasure chest containing some rupees.

Continue progressing around the level and you’ll encounter some hardhat beetles and another soldier. Pull the shield off the soldier with the gripshot and then dispose of the enemies. At the very end of the path, you’ll battle with a pair of hinox and a flaming ball and chain trooper. Get rid of the hinox first with sword slashes and then take care of the trooper.

~ Stage 4 ~

The battle with The Lady’s Pets is basically a revisiting of many of the previous bosses. The first battle is very similar to that of the Margoma battle from the Woodlands. Totem up two-tiers high and use your boomerang to grab a bomb from the left side of the screen. Toss the bomb into the center of the enemy to stun it. Afterwards, toss one of the heroes on top of the boss, and deliver a number of sword slashes. Repeat this process to defeat this first boss.

The second battle is reminiscent of the Moldorm battle from the Volcano. You can toss bombs at its face, causing it to be stunned momentarily. You’ll have to totem up two-tiers high in order to hit its tail. Repeat this process a number of times until Moldorm starts moving quicker. At this point, you’ll need to fully totem up in order to hit its tail. I recommend using the boomerang to deliver the final blow.

The final battle is somewhat similar to the Arrghus battle. Create a full totem and when there is an opening, hit the boss in the eye with the gripshot. This will cause the fire and ice bubbles around it to scatter about, and leave its main body is vulnerable. Run over and slash away with your sword, while trying to avoid the fire and ice. Repeat this process until the boss has been defeated.