The Lady's Pets

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The Lady's Pets

The Lady's Pets are the bosses of The Lady's Lair at Fortress in Tri Force Heroes.


Lady Maud has three pets with the title of 'The Lady's Pets'; and they are similar to past battles with Margoma, Arrghus, and Moldorm, with slight changes.

Margoma Pet

Her first pet, who resembles Margoma, is trickier because, instead of shooting out spikes and ramming into the Links, it blows air its sides, attempting to blow Link off of the platform. You must create a totem and put the Link with a boomerang on top, so you can pull Bomb Flowers off the platforms on the side to throw into the Margoma pet's hole. The Margoma pet never grows.

Moldorm Pet

Unlike the Moldorm encountered in the Fire Temple, this one does not have a clear indication of which Link it has targeted. Constantly spurting fire from its head, this Moldorm's weak point is located on the end of its tail. Two Links must form a totem and hit its raised tail. Once hit enough times, Moldorm moves impulsively around the arena; at which point a totem of three is required to hit its weak spot.

Arrghus Pet

The Arrghus Pet is The Lady's last pet, appearing when the Margoma and Moldorm pets are defeated. It has four eyes, two of which are on fire, and the other two frozen. Link can not directly attack the eyes, for they either freeze or burn him. Instead, he must stun the eyes with the boomerang; then he can hit them. If there is an opening, the Links must form a totem with the Link with the Gripshot on top. Then they can stun it with the Gripshot, then hit it. If desired, Link can destroy the eyes before attacking the Arrghus; however, any remaining eyes turn into hearts.