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Blizzagia is a boss in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


Blizzagia is a giant-snake like boss that can be found at the end of the Ice Temple, in the Ice Cavern region.

During the first phase of the battle, Blizzagia will show its head from one of the caves and attempt to bite one of the Links. Which Link it attacks is indicated by a color flash in its eyes. If Link side steps the attack, there is a brief moment where Blizzagia can then be hit with the Magic Hammer. After this process repeat four times, a crack will form in Blizzagia masks and send the boss into a rage. It will shoot out ice, covering the battlefield with it.

At this point, Blizzagia will then slither around the room, try to attack the various Links. During this phase, its mask is still vulnerable to the Magic Hammer, but also, the ice crystals on its body can be melted with the Fire Gloves. When hit with the Magic Hammer, it still stun Blizzagia momentarily and its tail can then be hit with the Fire Gloves. During this phase, the boss may head into one of the caves and will reemerge with its ice crystals reformed.

Eventually with enough hits, Blizzagia mask will fully break off and it will cause him to move in a rage. The crystal on its head becomes a vulnerability and Link can strike it with his Sword.