Arrghus (Tri Force Heroes)

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Arrghus is the boss of the Water Temple in Tri Force Heroes.[1] It is extremely similar to its counterparts of the same name in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.

It consists of a blue-colored jellyfish with a single eye. It is surrounded by several small red polyps called Arrgi, which will attempt to dive at the Links while alternating between submerging and surfacing. The Links must grab these eyeballs with the Gripshot and slashed with the sword twice to defeat them. They can also be hit with blasts of water from the Water Rod, which will stun them and force them to resurface if underwater. Once all the eyes are defeated, Arrghus will reveal itself, and the pool will drain. At this point, Arrghus will shoot its red eyes at the Links. The Links must either use the Water Rod or form a Totem to hit the eyes (although the Water Rod is much faster), as they are too far off the ground to be hit any other way. Once all the eyes have been defeated, Arrghus will open its eye and attempt to hit the Links by spinning circular blasts of ink around it. If any of the Links are hit by this attack, they will be unable to use their item. The Links must either form a Totem or use the Water Rod and hit Arrghus's eye with the Gripshot, stunning the boss. After enough damage, Arrghus will explode and be defeated.