Tri Force Heroes Bosses

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Bosses in Tri Force Heroes.


Main article: Margoma

Margoma is the Boss of the Forest Temple in the Woodlands. It is a modified version of Margomill from A Link Between Worlds.


Main article: Arrghus (Tri Force Heroes)

Arrghus is the Boss of the Water Temple.


Main article: Moldorm (Tri Force Heroes)

Moldorm is the Boss of the Fire Temple at Volcano.


Main article: Blizzagia

Blizzagia is a boss. It can be found at the end of the Ice Temple, in the Ice Cavern region.

The Lady's Pets

Main article: The Lady's Pets

The Lady's Pets are the bosses of The Lady's Lair at Fortress.


Main article: Stalchampion

Stalchampion is the Boss of the Desert Temple in The Dunes.


Main article: Prismantus

Prismantus is the Boss of the Grim Temple in The Ruins.

The Lady

Main article: Lady Maud#The Lady

Lady Maud, also known as The Lady, is the final boss of Tri Force Heroes and the one responsible for cursing Princess Styla. She can be found at the last stage of the Sky Temple in the Sky Realm and in The Lady's Lair.