Majora's Mask Dungeons

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This is a list of dungeons found in Majora's Mask.


Woodfall Temple

Woodfall Temple.jpg
Main article: Woodfall Temple

Snowhead Temple

Main article: Snowhead Temple

Great Bay Temple

Great Bay Temple.jpg
Main article: Great Bay Temple

Stone Tower Temple

Stone Tower Temple.png
Main article: Stone Tower Temple

Inside the Moon

Inside the Moon.png
Main article: Inside the Moon


Ancient Castle of Ikana

Ancient Castle of Ikana.jpg
Main article: Ancient Castle of Ikana

Oceanside Spider House

Oceanside Spider House.png
Main article: Oceanside Spider House

Pirates' Fortress

Pirate's Fortress Interior.png
Main article: Pirates' Fortress

Swamp Spider House

Fearful Spider House.jpg
Main article: Swamp Spider House