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Frita is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Frita is a Rito who can be found visiting Gerudo Town. She stands in front of the meat shop that is run by Estan. Frita is trying to learn the Gerudo greetings, such as 'Sav'aaq', but she doesn't want to embarrass herself. She also doesn't want to sound like she's bragging, just because she knows another language.[1]

Frita is interested in the meat that Estan sells, but isn't quite sure what to get. She much prefers poultry, where as Estan only sells variations of Seared Steak.[2][3]

She is the only Rito found within Gerudo Town.[4] She really loves the place, because at nighttime the entire town is lit up. This really helps her out as the Rito don't really have good vision, but the lighting of Gerudo Town allows her to still be active at nighttime.[5]



  1. Good day! I really want to use the actual Gerudo greeting... You know...Sav'aaq! But I'm worried I'd mess it up and embarras myself... You know, like... "Look at me! I can speak another language!" It just feels like bragging. - Frita
  2. You really think I'm putting too much thought into it? Maybe you're right. Gerudo Town is so different from home... I live in Rito Village. We don't get many visitors there, so I'm not really familiar with non-Rito... But now that I'm here, I should enjoy myself! I wanted to start by trying out some of the meat here, but... Well, they don't seem to have poultry. - Frita
  3. 'Hrm... Do they really not have any poultry? *sigh* I wanted poultry... - Frita
  4. I haven't seen any other Rito around here... Could I be the only one that's traveled to this town? - Frita
  5. Us Rito... We have't got the best night vision, to be honest. But this town is always so lit up, I can even see the marbling of the meat. It makes me a little emotional. If Rito Village were brighter, we'd be able to go out at night, too... - Frita