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Dophi is a character from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Dophi is sitting outside the New Serenne Stable near the Cooking Pot.

He is reading the latest issue of the Lucky Clover Gazette, and will give Link the latest news.

Freezing Temperatures Bring Feathery Shivers to the Rito

Rito Village is facing a food shortage as cold winds make travel to the village dangerous for resident and visitor alike!

Dophi advises that anyone going to Rito Village should prepare for harsh, freezing weather.

Blood Moon Brings Dangerous Nights

Be wary, dear readers! On nights when a blood moon rises, so, too, do monsters that had been defeated!

Dophi says that it reminds him of a researcher who was studying the Blood Moon. They were excited to visit a monster fort to find the relationship between monsters and the blood moon. He wonders if they're doing OK.