Phantom Hourglass Islands

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This is a list of islands found in Phantom Hourglass.

Northwestern Sea

Bannan Island

Bannan Island.png
Main article: Bannan Island

Isle of Gust

Isle of Gust.png
Main article: Isle of Gust

Uncharted Island

Uncharted Island outline - PH.png
Main article: Uncharted Island

Zauz's Island

Zauz's Island .png
Main article: Zauz's Island

Northeastern Sea

Isle of Ruins

Isle of Ruins.jpg
Main article: Isle of Ruins

Isle of the Dead

Main article: Isle of the Dead

Maze Island

Main article: Maze Island

Southwestern Sea

Cannon Island

Main article: Cannon Island

Isle of Ember

Main article: Isle of Ember

Mercay Island

Mercay Island.png
Main article: Mercay Island

Molida Island

Molida Island.png
Main article: Molida Island

Spirit Island

Spirit Island map - PH.png
Main article: Spirit Island

Southeastern Sea

Dee Ess Island

Dee Ess Island.png
Main article: Dee Ess Island

Goron Island

Goron Island.png
Main article: Goron Island

Harrow Island

Main article: Harrow Island

Isle of Frost

Isle of Frost.png
Main article: Isle of Frost