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Harrow Island is a location in Phantom Hourglass. It is an uncharted island found in the southeastern quadrant of the World of the Ocean King. Once Link gets close enough, Ciela points out the island and adds it to his Sea Chart.[1][2] The area appears rather barren, with the majority of it being covered by a large sand field; however, the island is filled with numerous Rupees hidden underground and is home to a mini-game.[3][4]


When Link first arrives at the island, Linebeck comments that he is certain there are riches hidden there.[5] As Link walks out to explore, he is greeted by a Gossip Stone who offers to allow him into the northern desert section of the area by activating a gust geyser to dig up ten treasures in exchange for 50 Rupees.[6][7] He promises to notify Link once he has dug up his tenth treasure and warns him that there are negative treasures hidden as well, referring to Rupoors.[8]


Link can use his Shovel to dig holes and randomly hits treasure.[9] He primarily finds Rupees (colored Red, Blue, and Big Green) and Rupoors (the 10 Rupoor and the 50 Rupoor). There are also four Treasure Maps that only appear only after certain events in the story. The first two can be found upon completing the Temple of Ice,[10] and the other two appear on the island after obtaining the Northeastern Sea Chart in the Temple of the Ocean King.[11]

On occasion, Link also unearths Lucky Lee, the spirit of the island.[12] For 50 Rupees, Lucky Lee allows Link to choose a treasure chest.[13][14] He is then randomly awarded 40, 150, or 200 Rupees, or if he loses, he has to pay an additional 100 Rupees.[15][16][17][18]


Once Link digs up his ninth treasure, the Gossip Stone warns him and then tells him to return to the entrance after his tenth.[19][20] The Gossip Stone thanks him for playing on his way out, and Link must leave the island and return to play again.[21] However, if Link continues to dig after his tenth treasure, the Gossip Stone will warn him only one more time before forcing Link to pay 100 Rupees.[22][23] If he still persists even after that, the stone takes all of his Rupees.[24] Finally, if Link keeps on digging, the Gossip Stone bans him from playing the game any longer.[25] Any further attempts to dig result in the Gossip Stone calling Link a "greedy little oinker" and no more treasures appear.[26] Linebeck also comments on the ban when Link leaves the island.[27]

When Link returns, the Gossip Stone asks if he is truly sorry for what he did.[28] If Link says yes, then the Gossip Stone agrees to allow him to play again if he pays 300 Rupees to have his ban lifted.[29] With the price paid, the Gossip Stone does as promised and treats Link just as before.[30]



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