Zauz's Island

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Zauz's Island
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Zauz's Island is an island found in the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. It is found in the northwestern part of the sea and is not initially located on the Sea Chart. The island's only inhabitant is Zauz the blacksmith who lives in soltitude along with some Cuccos.


Link must go to this island to forge the Phantom Blade using the three metals.


  • On the east and west sides of the island two stone tiles can be found. There are two stone tiles on each side. Link must draw two lines; one connecting the tiles on the east, and one connecting the tiles on the west. If a line is connected from the two lower tiles going diagonally to the south, it will locate a spot where a Treasure Map can be dug up.
  • Next to Zauz's house there is a small platform with a Treasure Chest on it. The chest can be reached by gliding over to it with a Cucco. In the chest there is a Wisdom Gem.